What is E Ink Display?

What is E Ink Display?

We provide in-store products that are based on unique E Ink technology. What is E Ink display? In our case we create animated electronic paper displays that are made from E Ink. This gives us the opportunity to deliver brand customized E Ink displays with a transparent color print (overlay) on top.

No other E Ink display on the market will give the same in-store impact on the customers attention. The E Ink display can be individually controlled to switch from black to white, and vice versa, and thus create the flashing animation sequences. Attention, in the blink of an eye.

Features – E Ink Display:

  • Paper-thin and as easily mounted as traditional shelf signage
  • Customizable in-store signage in terms of color, shape and size
  • E Ink displays creates ”life” in printed material
  • Extremely energy efficient with a lifetime of up to 12 months animating 24/7 – powered by small batteries that are easily replaced
  • In-store signage that requires no cables
  • 180° viewing angle, the same as for plain paper
  • High contrast in bright surroundings – perfect for retail environments

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