Point-of-Purchase Advertising

in the blink of an eye.

Attention grabbing displays, at the shelf,
where the purchasing decisions are made.

Simple. Engaging. Cost effective.

Point-of-Purchase Advertising That Works

Dramatic effect on sales and shopper attention

More than 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made in the store, in front of the product.

Our unique display runs on coin cell batteries and placement in front of the product is as easy as traditional printed point-of-purchase advertising.

The animated e-paper displays have well documented effects on sales and shopper attention.

Point-of-Purchase Advertising – Cases

Well-known clients

Most of our clients are international companies behind some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Several studies show dramatic sales lift and increased shopper attention.

To date we have deployed programs in more than 20 countries.



motion display
In study after study, we can see that Motion Display captures the shopper’s interest, without being intrusive.
Johan Pfeiler
Co-founder and Head of Retail Management at Retail Academics Research Institute Sweden AB

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