About Motion Display

Motion Display is a Swedish company that was founded in 2005 by Erik Danielsson, former CEO of Pharmacia AB and founder of e.g. Pricer AB, global leader in ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels).

Motion Display develops, manufactures and markets attention grabbing point-of-purchase advertisement, for effective in-store marketing. The price-awarded point-of-purchase displays are based on E Ink Corporation’s electronic ink technology.

Motion Display offers one-stop-solution services, from design and production to delivery and installation, in order to secure a successful implementation. The displays can be customized in size and shape to meet specific needs.

The flashing attention grabbing displays are thin, light and run on small batteries. They are as easily deployed as traditional point-of-sales material.

70% of the purchasing decisions are made in the store, in front of the product. Despite this, only about 10% of all marketing budgets are used on in-store marketing.  The main reason for this disparity is the lack of attractive in-store advertising.  Motion Display offers a solution to this perpetual problem.

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