How it works

What is an "ink-in-motion™" display?

An Ink-In-Motion display is a black & white Electronic Paper Display (EPD) with a transparent color print (overlay) on top.

How does the animation work?

The underlying segments on the EPD switch between black and white according to a defined pattern.

A white segment highlights the semitransparent color on the overlay, giving the effect of backlighting the area as opposed to a black segment that dims the area. The change between black and white creates the animation.

motion display

Can a display have multiple animation sequences?

Yes, the display can be programmed to show different animation sequences.

A display can contain several messages, e.g SALE, NEW, TRY ME  as well as icons, logos etc. A display can be preprogrammed with different animations, each of them combining the different messages/icon/logos/patterns into animation sequences. One animation sequence can be a combination of “SALE” and “NEW”, another animation sequence can flash “TRY ME” and “NEW” etc.

In order to change animation sequence, you just need to push a button on the backside of the display.

Can a display be partly animated or does the entire screen have to be animated?

Yes, a display can be partly animated. In fact, in most cases, the display does not have to be fully animated in order to achieve maximum attention grabbing effect.

The color overlay

What is the color overlay?

The overlay is a printed film which is laminated on top of the e-paper display (EPD). Besides providing color to the EPD it protects the EPD against scratches.

How is an overlay printed?

Normally, the overlay contains two types of print: semi-transparent print and opaque print. To protect the print from scratches, printing is done on the backside of the overlay.

What colors do you recommend to use for the animated area?

Bright colors such as light pink, yellow and light blue, or even completely transparent, are better suited for the animated area and give maximum attention.

Battery Options

How long do the batteries last?

The battery lifetime mainly depends on the size of the animated area and the speed of the animation. This is a bi-stable technology, which means there is almost no power consumption when the display is not flashing.

Typical battery lifetime is one year.

If longer life length is required, the animation can be fine-tuned to extend the life length even further.

Can the batteries be replaced?

Yes, all the displays have replaceable batteries.


What is the operating temperature?

The operating temperature ranges from 0° to 60° Celsius / 32° to 140° Fahrenheit.

What do I do with old displays?

The electronic paper display and control unit are to be disposed of as electronics. The batteries can be easily removed and disposed of as normal batteries.

How to get started

What artwork format do we need?

High resolution artwork is needed for the overlay print and vectorized graphic (-ai, -eps and/or layered pdf) for the animation creation.

What is the minimal order volume?

The minimal order volume is 500 units. Smaller quantities may be accepted under special circumstances.

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