Digital Signage Retail Case Study – Hidden Valley Ranch

66% Sales Increase

The project launch was outpacing Hidden Valley Ranch’s and Walmart’s expectation.

  • In an apples to apples comparison in the Walmart Super Centers, stores that had Motion Display installed versus traditional printed signage, had a 66% units sales increase.
  • In the same store comparison, Motion Display stores had a higher level of incremental purchase complementing the buy of the original ranch product.
  • The program also showed that the repeat business is stronger as the display’s long life length (11 months on 1 set of batteries) are allowing the shopper to be reminded during several buying cycles.


Seen 8 Times Faster

A comprehensive digital signage retail case study of Motion Display together with coupon offers confirms the dramatic effect Motion Display has in catching the shopper’s attention at the point-of-purchase:

  • Motion Display reduces the time to notice a coupon from an average of 12.5 seconds to 1.6 seconds, i.e. eight times faster.
  • The number of shoppers who picked coupon items increased by 75% and 1054% respectively with Motion Display.

Digital signage retail case study shows:

64% Sales Increase

The prize awarded study by the Stockholm School of Economics showed a 64% sales increase of crushed tomatoes when flashing animated ink displays from Motion Display were used compared to static print.

The study concludes that the results present interesting insights for academics and retailers into in‐store marketing, an area that is today largely ruled by guesswork and rules of thumb.

Imagine 66% sales increase!

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