What are Point-of-Purchase Displays?

What are Point-of-Purchase Displays?

How do you catch the shopper’s attention in a store environment? Point-of-purchase displays (POP) will get you a long way.

“What are point-of-purchase displays?”, you may say. Point-of-purchase displays are printed or digital displays that are designed to persuade the customer at the crucial moment when he or she is making the final buying decision. These are often found and making an impact on retail shelves or check-out-lines.

Attention grabbing point-of-purchase displays

Motion Display is the world-leading provider of attention grabbing point-of-purchase displays, based on E Ink Corporation’s award-winning electronic ink. It is the optimal solution if you are considering point-of-purchase displays for your upcoming product launch.

What is special with our products? Our point-of-purchase displays consist of a black and white e-paper display with a transparent color print on top. Made by electronic ink and an underlying layer with defined parts that can be individually controlled to switch from black to white. This makes it possible to show eye catching moving pictures and messages to promote the product.

Simple. Engaging. Cost effective.

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