Retail Shelf Talker

Retail Shelf Talker – What Is It?

Have you ever heard the marketing term: “make the shelf talk!”? This is how the retail shelf talker got its name. But what exactly is a retail shelf talker?

A retail shelf talker could be a cardboard, paper, plastic or electronic advertisement of a product designed to be attached to a shelf on which the product is exhibited for sale.

Motion Display Brings The Retail Shelf Talker To The Next Level

Our product works the same way as the traditional retail shelf talker but works even better to get customer attention at the time of purchase. The e-paper display from Motion Display, made from electronic ink, can be animated with your specific message and deal. Creating flashing and impressive animation sequences that truly makes the shelf talk!

Motion Display Retail Shelf Talker:

  • Paper-thin and as easily mounted as traditional shelf signage
  • Customizable in-store signage in terms of color, shape and size
  • E Ink displays creates ”life” in printed material
  • Extremely energy efficient with a lifetime of up to 12 months animating 24/7 – powered by small batteries that are easily replaced
  • In-store signage that requires no cables
  • 180° viewing angle, the same as for plain paper
  • High contrast in bright surroundings – perfect for retail environments

We make the shelf talk – read more about our products.

Make the retail shelf talk

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