Unique attention grabbing displays, at the shelf,
where the purchasing decisions are made.

Motion Display develops best in class attention-grabbing displays with an unparalleled track record of increasing sales. The displays run on coin-cell batteries and will typically animate 24/7 for longer than a year. The displays are customized in size, shape and colors and are as easily installed as traditional POS material.

Already produced more than 60 successful display programs for Diageo

Motion Display is a proven ROI-tactic powered by the human brain’s primal instincts that forces us, without thinking about it, notice motion in our viewing area. Motion Display accelerates the amount of shoppers eyes that target the promoted item. Like SEO on-line but in brick & mortar.

New product launches often fail due to disappearance in the sea of products.
Motion Display disrupts the tracking of the eye and delivers full shopper attention.

The average shopper misses 99.8% of the store’s assortment.
Motion Display makes you stand out from the competition.

Paper-based POS material is not sufficient to stand out enough to win the sales.
Motion Display brings your promotion to a whole new level.

70% of the shoppers make their purchasing decisions in the store.
Motion Display is the most effective tactic available to win the sale.

Retail execution for promotional corrugate displays is very low. Due to clean store policy, lack of floor space or store manager’s prerogative 50%-70% never make it up on the floor.

Motion Display has a much higher acceptance ratio by the retailers as it takes less space, and allows the product to work harder at the shelf where the majority of the consumers are shopping.

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