Attract customer attention with Motion Display

Attract customer attention with Motion Display

How do you attract customer attention to a specific product? This is the question every retail manager return to. Stop wondering – we have the solution. 

There are number of ways to attract customer attention and make the shelf talk out loud. Studies have shown that the most effective way is to use animated e-paper displays on the shelfs. Motion Display provides attention grabbing displays that attract customer attention exactly when the purchasing decision is made.  

Groceries, beauty products, home & garden, household chemicals or beverages –  Electronic Paper Displays from Motion Display will get the job done. The paper-thin display can be animated, giving your brand message a power that really stand out in the aisles. Creating “life” in printed content. 

Does the upcoming marketing campaign extend over a long period of time? No problem. The display is powered by small batteries that provides a lifetime of up to 12 months.  

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