Motion Display expands - hires Sales Manager Europe

Following up the successful launch in the United States, Motion Display makes a similar launch in Europe and has employed Christoffer Kral as Sales Manager for Europe and Asia.

Motion Display is now establishing a sales organization in Europe and Asia. The initiative is led by Christoffer Kral, who has extensive sales experience in the field of fast-moving consumer goods. Kral grew up in Belgium and has lived in Germany as well as Switzerland and Sweden.

“We are experiencing a great success in the United States and as we now start building up a sales organization in Europe we are doing this with great optimism. Almost all our customers in the United States are also present in Europe, which gives us a flying start. We can refer to the excellent results that colleagues in the United States are experiencing. Christoffer Kral has a perfect background for this opportunity. His fluency in Swedish, German, English and French is excellent for success. We look forward to getting started seriously in Europe as well as long term also in Asia. The potential is huge, says Anna Engholm, CEO of Motion Display.

Christoffer Kral adds: “Motion Display is on the verge of a major breakthrough. I am honored and excited to be part of this journey at this early stage. More than 70% of all purchase decisions are made in store and consumers only notice 0.2 % of the store´s assortment. There is a growing demand for our innovative displays that are cost-effective, quickly noticed by a greater number of consumers, and most importantly, have a strong track record of increasing sales significantly.”

Further information

Anna Engholm, VD Motion Display Scandinavia AB, +46 (0) 709 79 35 04

Motion Display is the leading global manufacturer of Electronic Paper Display based Retail Signage and offers new solutions for efficient in-store-marketing. The company was founded in Uppsala, Sweden, 2005 by Erik Danielsson, former CEO of Pharmacia AB and founder of e.g. Pricer AB, global leader in ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels).



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