Motion Display awarded 2,7 MSEK order

Motion Display has received a significant order from the US and a leading supplier of adult beverages. The order is worth 2,7 MSEK.

A world leading supplier of adult beverages has placed an order worth 2,7 MSEK.

This same customer previously ordered display programs in three rounds – the first order included three brands, the second six, and then nine. This time there are eleven different brands from multiple beverage categories participating in the purchase order. Delivery is planned for the end of the year and the displays will be distributed nationwide in the United States.

“It’s nice to see a customer returning. Our client’s previous display programs have been well received by various retailers, which has contributed to the customer now broadening their order to include more brands and more displays,” says Jakob Nilsson, US Manager.

Anna Engholm, CEO of Motion Display, adds: “The fact that this customer is now expanding the number of brands involved confirms our strength in the beverage category. Our product works like search engine optimization online, but in the actual physical store. We highlight products faster and make them more visible”, she says.

Further information

Anna Engholm, CEO Motion Display Scandinavia AB, +46 (0) 709 79 35 04

The information in this press release is information which Motion Display Scandinavia AB is required to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the above contact person for publication on November 15, 2022.

Motion Display is the leading global manufacturer of Electronic Paper Display based Retail Signage and offers new solutions for effective in-store-marketing. The company was founded in Uppsala, Sweden, 2005 by Erik Danielsson, former CEO of Pharmacia AB and founder of e.g. Pricer AB, global leader in ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels). The company has developed a revolutionary way to promote products in-store, where more than 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made.

The displays run on small batteries and can flash and at the same time show different messages in a scrolling sequence. Extensive documentation shows both significant increased attention and dramatic sales increase when using Motion Display signage. The displays’ extremely low power consumption and its paper-like features make the displays as easy to install as traditional paper and plastic signs with static messages.

Motion Display awarded 2,7 MSEK order – Press release 221115

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