Motion Display announces Joint Sales Effort with iSEE Store Innovations

Motion Display today announced a joint sales venture with iSEE Store Innovations, a US merchandising display solutions company. While not a financial partnership, the two companies will promote how their industry-leading products can work together. 

Specifically, Motion Display has developed a version of the award-winning animated e-paper signage that can attach to iSEE’s no-fail APEX suction cup beverage racks. Furthermore, the opportunity remains open to develop additional products compatible with the broad iSEE product portfolio.

The partnership was a natural fit for two companies specializing in the fast-paced world of small format retail beverage merchandising. More than 70% of all purchasing decisions are made in-store, and NACS Speed Metrics Research shows convenience customers take just 71 seconds to select all the items they intend to purchase on a given shopping trip. Both Motion Display and iSEE specialize in solutions that quickly draw consumers’ attention to new products and promotions in that brief-but-critical decision-making timeframe.

“We have developed a product perfectly adapted to the APEX product range without compromising any of its features,” said Jakob Nilsson, Motion Display’s EVP of Sales, North America. “The functionality and durability of the iSEE’s APEX display in combination with our more than one year battery life Motion Display, is great. Adding that solid documentation shows that our displays generate very significant sales increase, compared to static signage, will make this combination the best in class return of investment.”

“We know top convenience retailers and beverage companies love iSEE’s suction cup beverage racks, as well as Motion Display’s digital point-of-purchase signs,” said John Thomas, iSEE’s vice president of industry development. “One of the things our customers most appreciate about the APEX is the ability to brand-pairing our no-fail display racks and Motion Display’s digital signage will highlight the brand even further.”

Anna Engholm, CEO of Motion Display adds: “This is an excellent example of a joint development, combining unique products from two category leaders resulting in an outstanding new tool for customers. We see this as a major opportunity as iSEE has already more than 500 000 APEX beverage racks installed and beverage companies are already very important customers for us.”

The customizable Motion Display digital APEX sign can be purchased from Motion Display. iSEE’s APEX and other suction cup beverage racks can be purchased directly through the company or on the website.


Further information

Anna Engholm, CEO Motion Display Scandinavia AB,
+46 (0) 709 79 35 04,

Jakob Nilsson, EVP Sales North America, Motion Display,
+1 (479) 366 8010,

John Thomas, VP Industry Development iSEE Store Innovations,
+1-314 605 7220,

Motion Display is the leading global manufacturer of electronic paper display and signage as part of a broad suite of innovative solutions for efficient in-store retail marketing. The company was founded in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2005, by Erik Danielsson, former CEO of Pharmacia AB and founder of e.g. Pricer AB, global leader in ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels. Motion Display is listed on the Swedish marketplace Spotlight Stock Market as MODI.

iSEE Store Innovations is a global design and manufacturing company. They develop innovative retail solutions that maximize space productivity and announce brand presence with authority. iSEE does this with a deep understanding of both the brand and retailer objectives within an ever-increasing complexity of the marketplace.



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